Saturday, December 11, 2010

Unappreciated Shows [#01] The Milton Berle Show

I think the most-unappreciated radio show of all-time is The Milton Berle Show.

The show is a bang-bang, in-your-face, non-stop show of pandemonium.  It's nothing like his television show.  This show remains funny even after multiple listenings.

Arnold Stang
Aside from Berle - who is as funny as he's ever been on this show - there is Arnold Stang.  Looking at Stang, you wouldn't think the guy would be even remotely funny, but he surprises, every show.

The show always had an Allen's Alley-type feature called "Town Hall Quorum"; this part is not the funniest part of the show but has it's moments.

The show is ripe with unusual, hilarious characters. There's the double-talker, Al Kelly and Tallulah Feeney, the homemaker (played by multi-voicer, Pert Kelton.)

The funniest character of the show though is "the lady who says 'yes' to everything." I have no idea of the character's name or who plays the character (I assume it's Kelton) - but it's amazing how funny one can be just by saying "yes."

The show is valuable to me since there are less than 50 of them available - and they are funnier than Fibber McGee and Molly or Jack Benny.

Truly, an unappreciated show.

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