Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Billboard reviews, "missing" links, etc.

So...yesterday I had finished the research and was right in the middle of posting the blog for the Billboard reviews.  Imagaine now, I am posting all the new radio shows for 1942.  I haven't counted them but there are probably more than 100.

And Google stops me short by telling me I may be spamming.  Then Google tells me I have fill out a "capcha" for the remaining 50+ entries.

Ummm no. I have to go to Plan B. Plan B will require me to do this and that and the other but what I will do is make .pdf files and have them hosted. It won't be near as cool or easy or (insert adjective here) but sometimes you just have to follow Big Brother.

It will probably be done before January 1 but that's the new date I'm shooting for. It could be done before Christmas - but don't count on it.

And just think, after I finish 1942, I only have to do 18 or 19 more years!

Also, I had tempted you all by saying there were going to be a lot of additions to the links section - well I got sidetracked and have failed to add but only a few. In time, it will be done. I apologize.

Another thing of note; you can see I have run through over 200 posts in just over two weeks. While there is more news out there, I have depleted the easy-to-find news. Don't expect 15-20 posts a day anymore... expect 5-8, maybe.

Also, I am running very low on advertisements. There are some still around, but it's a matter of finding them. I dare say I have already provided more OTR advertisements than you will find anywhere on the internet.

I still have quite a few photos to "dump" and will do so as the days go by.

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