Thursday, December 23, 2010

One of the worst: Candid Microphone

My guess is that a good 90% or more of you reading this site know of Allen Funt, the long-time host of the televison show, Candid Camera.  Were you aware that he did a show on radio, called Candid Microphone (link only available to members of the Old-Time Radio Resarchers.)

When I first found this series a year or so ago, I was excited.  I loved (the old) Candid Camera on tv - and wow, there's an old radio program?  Yeah, I was in glee land.

The radio show is not unlike the television show.  A hidden microphone is set up to record the sounds of an unsuspecting Joe Normal and then some ridiculous prank is played on him or her and their reactions are recorded for us all to bear witness to.

Sadly, for some reason, the show comes off -not as funny - but as cruel.  Like a prank gone horribly wrong - that's what almost every set-up comes off-like.
Example - Q: Would you like a cigarette?  A: Sure! X: Cigarette blows up in man's face; man gets mad, threatens violence.

Sounds hilarious, but it's just NOT.

Maybe it was that CBS and Funt had to work out these kinks and that's what made the early Candid Camera a great show (those horrible things they put out in the 1970's --2000's are just plain bad TV - but not as bad as the radio show.)

Just for curiosity's sake, you should take a listen to the files.  If you aren't a member of OTTR and you would like to hear one episode, you can find two here (it's one files but 2 different episodes.)

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