Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hodge-podging [#4]

I think I'm pretty much done with the "A's" now over at OTR People.  I have added a few new links (including bios from the LA Times where available), YouTube and some others that I deemed necessary.

There is also my undocumented photo page that is connected to OTR People.  You won't find anything there but photos and it is updated as a parallel to OTR People.  It, like everything around here right now, is a work in progress.

There is a reason I called this place "The OTR Buffet" and that is, I plan on filling your plates with tons of information.

Yesterday I mentioned a "bonanza" find and that's just what it is.  You should see the number of articles a day go back up - depending on how much ime I spend blogging each day.  OTR People, Billboard OTR Reviews and future projects I have planned will take up a great deal of time and research.  I'm not putting a time table on anything but I plan on working on each current  project at least 16 hours a week. The Lum and Abner Dictionary is a daily project but it takes very little time to do.

Another project I have in mind is put together pages for every show I can find (little-known Billboard shows included) that will include advertisements and give-aways from the show's sponsors.  It will also contain photos of the show's stars/co-stars and links to their online radio logs.

This will be something different and unique to the OTR community.  I may start that tomorrow or I may start that a year from now but it's in the plans.

Another project idea is a "connections" database where we all connect the OTR performers together.  I imagine many nexus-like graphics where we can visually associate performers with their shows and other performers.  This will be major accomplishment but I plan on asking all of you to help by inputting your own connections and I will bring it all together.  It will be something we can all take credit for and be proud of because there wil be nothing like it. 

I have no idea when this will begin but with the new year approaching, it's time to start planning ahead and making plans.

There are other ideas I have but obviously I can't do everything at once. I am one man and everything takes research and work. Hang in there with me, tell a friend about the site and enjoy some OTR!

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