Tuesday, December 21, 2010

As requested: Baseball is on the air!

I've had a request to post about baseball.  This is not hard for me to do because I have been a die-hard fan since 1972.

I suppose you could trace my love of radio back to baseball, to be honest.  I spent many a night listening to games before baseball on TV became so prevelant with the advent of cable and satellite.  Back in the day, you sat in your easy chair, sipped lemonade and listened to your team on the radio 145 times a year.

This is exactly what I did with my father.  He introduced me to the game and we went to many games a year, since the ballpark was within a dozen or so miles of my house.

While it was a treat to go to the game or -wow- get a game on television, it was just as fun for us listening on radio. Maybe even more fun.

One of the neatest things here in this century is XM Radio and being able to listen to announcers from every big league team. That was always a dream I had as a youngster.

Baseball's radio play-by-play began in the 1930's. While it was fairly easy for the broadcasters to announce the home games to the locals, it was near impossible to do the same for road games.

The announcers would re-create the game using sound effects and ticker tape news - like a radio show - and broadcast the away games that way.

One of the more famous at doing such was former President Ronald Reagan; it was one of his first radio jobs.

See more about play-by play recreation:
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Plus you can listen to many old games on mp3:
Find all the above at the Internet Archive

Lots more here, here, here and here (check the right side of that last site too.)


  1. Great job. Now I have lots of reading and listening to get done. Quest is fullfilled.

  2. Thanks and glad to do it. I think you will find the earlier the date the faster the game goes. Wow those games were fast compared to "the human rain delays" we have playing these days!

  3. I was listening to one game played in the 30s and the radio announcer also did the public address announcements. You could hear the echo of the announcement and then he would go back to announcing the game. Great stuff. Also a line drive hit a woman in the stands and they stopped the game. They moved the lady and then back to the play by play.


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