Monday, December 20, 2010

Unappreciated shows [#02]: Luke Slaughter of Tombstone

Sam Buffington
Luke Slaughter of Tombstone is a little-known 1958 Western in which there are only 16 known shows. It was produced by famed producer William N. Robson - therefore you know this is a quality program.

Slaughter (aptly played by veteran actor Sam Buffington) was a former Civil War hero who turned to cattle herding after the war was over.

Slaughter has a reputation as being being tough as nails and there really isn't any job too big to handle. He's almost a comic book Western hero in a way; he's not quite real like Paladin or Matt Dillon.

That doesn't hinder the series at all. It's just an exciting Western that's a bit different from the others of the same time period on radio and on TV.

The most-exceptional thing about the series though is the amazing sound quality that remains intact after all of these years. It's even better than you think it will be when I say the sound is "superb."

The show is so unappreciated that it sadly does not even have a Wikipedia entry.

Find the 16 shows here.


  1. I have listened to these shows and enjoyed it. I still prefer Gunsmoke, Six Shooter and Have Gun Will Travel better. Nevertheless, a good show and worth listening to. You are right about the sound quality.

  2. I like those other shows better as well. This is a different kind of Western - hard to describe. Comic-booklike may describe it best.

    I also like Dr. Sixgun, you ever heard that one?

  3. No, never listened to it. What kind of western is that?

  4. Dr. Sixgun is a doctor in the old west. It too is kind of cartoony but it's good. It's not cartoony like, say, The Lone Ranger or worse, The Cisco Kid... but it ranges somewhere in between adult western and kid western.

    You can find 14 of them here - why don't you download one and take a listen - if you like it, I have like 30 of them and I can upload them and let you know where you can find them.

    Let me know, ok?

  5. Thanks, I downloaded the 14 from the site you suggested. It will replace my Luke Slaughter listening since I have heard them all. It will take awhile before I hear one of the Dr. Six Gun as I load my ipod with a variety of my downloads and it takes some time before I get to listen to it.

  6. Okie doke. All you have to do is ask if you ever want them!


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