My Files

Edgar Bergen and his various dummies, commercial free, sound-improved, HQ files
All the surviving Milton Berle Show minus the music and all but the ending commercials deleted!
A Day in the Life of Dennis Day minus the music and all show openings and closings!
Richard Diamond, Private Detective - commerical-free, whistle-free, shorted openings and closings
Gunsmoke - No commercials and much-improved sound


  1. Hi,
    Why do you cut out certain parts of the shows?

  2. Commercials? Because I don't like them. Music? Because I really don't like it. Anything else I cut out, I don't like. You don't have to download it if you don't want the cut-outs, ya know! Stick with the "normal" files.

    However, my files will have better sound.


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