Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Eddie Cantor in blackface: who knew?

The list of people I've found in blackface keeps growing.  Here's another surprise: Eddie Cantor.

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  1. I am using my memory on this, so beware. I recall seeing Eddie Cantor with a black face in a movie singing the Swannie. I was a child and it was a black and white movie.

  2. I believe you are mistaking him (often done) with Al Jolson. See this video.

    Eddie Cantor (known by millions as "Banjo Eyes" did a similar kind of humor/song-style as Jolson though.

  3. I doubled checked my memory. It was Al Jolson that I saw, not Cantor. That is the trouble with us old guys.

  4. You're a lot smarter/quicker than most people I know...


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