Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hodge-podge [#04]

I am still working on the looks of the blog, forgive me again for any distractions.

I am adding links as I go along; I am finding some incredible OTR information out there so check the link section often for new things - especially today.
According ro the book, Raymond Burr: a film, radio and television biography, Burr did most of the series Fort Laramie in a wheelchair as he had an operation just before the series began.

Do you ever get the impression that every tune that calypso guitarist/singer King Moses plays on the show Bold Venture is exactly the same or close to it?   It's actually annoying to me, dunno about you.

Did you know drummer Spike Jones got his start on The Fibber McGee and Molly Show in Billy Mills' band?

Do you know Jack Carson's "eight year old neighbor", Norma Jean Nilsson?  Ever had her pictured in your mind?   Did you look like this?:
Norma Jean Nilsson
I'm almost done with the first year (1942) of Billboard radio program reviews. I should start posting them today or tomorrow at a new periphreal blog site (I'll let you know where when I begin.)

As stated before, it's probably not something you are going to use everyday but it will come in handy at times, especially when you encounter a new series you are contemplating to download (is that correct grammar?)

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