Saturday, August 17, 2013

I'd just die without old radio

The title, "I'd just die without old radio", was uttered to me yesterday. It was not tongue-in-cheek, but rather a true sentiment.  I know this becuse the person telling me was my brother.

Here's the short version of a very long story: recently, my long, lost brother knocked on my door.  He needed help; worse, he was in a life or death situation (or at least, very close to it.)

Needless to say, I took him in.  Better yet, my relationship with my brother, which had been badly damaged over the years, has been repaired.

I've always known my brother enjoyed old radio.  I have no television at my house.  What can one do for entertainment, especially right before bed?  Well, listen to OTR, of course.

I hooked him up a small iPod and 500 random shows.  He loved it.  Loved it so much that he now goes to bed early to listen to it.  It so reminds me of when I was a young teen; I couldn't wait to get under the covers and listen to OTR.  He basically told me this yesterday (he's almost 61 years old.)  He told me that he'd die if something happened to the iPod or I took it away from him and he wouldn't be able to listen to OTR!  He's hopelessly addicted and this is a GOOD addiction.

Big Story's Claire Trevor - easy on the eyes in '38

Video of Richard Kollmar (radio's Boston Blackie)

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