Monday, December 20, 2010

Fibber and Mert joke of the day: The train wreck

FIBBER: Hello operator?  Give me the Whistful Vista ummm oh is that you, Mert?  How's ever lil thing, Mert?  Is eh?  You say your sister's wedding? Oh, that's terrible!  A train wreck, eh? 

MOLLY: Oh heavenly days, McGee, what happened?

FIBBER: Her sister got her wedding dress caught on a one of the pews and wrecked her train!

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  1. Love the Fibber lines you are providing.

    New subject.
    I have an interest for you to explore. It may not be of interest to your readers, but, will suggest any way. It is on baseball. First: I remember listening to broadcasts that were done by ticker tape. When the Chicago Whitesox were playing road games, they saved money by having their announcer, Bob Elson, stay in the studio and do the game. They had fake bat sounds and crowd noices,etc. During ticker tape problems, he would just make up stuff to stall until the tape came back. Some stories about that would be interesting to me and maybe some others. Also, it would really be neat to listen to one of those games if someone had saved one.

    Secondly: Are there any old broadcasts from games played in the 50s or late 40s which can be downloaded? I used to listen to games in the 50s played by the St.Louis Cardinals on KMOX in St.Louis. I lived 600 miles away and listened to broadcasts that faded out and in on the radio.

    You asked for quests, so this is my quest for you. If not the type of thing you are looking for, it is alright by me. Just a suggestion and enjoy your blog. You already have given me some great downloads and appreciate it. Love the pictures and paper clippings.


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