Thursday, December 23, 2010


The Lum and Abner Dictionary is coming along nicely but it's hard to keep up with.  I am taxing myself with this site, the dictionary and the Billboard project (which by the way, cross your fingers, should be done today - 1942 that is.)

New to the site: a new header graphic, Word-of-the-Week and words I have added for that day.

The diction of Lum and Abner confuses me when I am writing the real words - to make a long story short, I made a lot of fixes in grammar and what-not this morning in the dictionary. I will try and work out the problems in the dictionary once a week or so; it may never be perfect but I am going to try. I am most curious about how many words will be in the thing when it's finished.  I have only gone through only 20-25 episodes since the project began and I basically started in the middle of the series. There are roughly 1300 more episodes to go. My way of thinking says this is going to be a book by the time I am finished!

If you can think of any improvements on the dictionary, please let your voice be heard. And as always, any additions you can provide will help a great deal. If there is a word that I've put in the dictionary that you think is wrong or doesn't belong (because of Southern dialect) I'd appreciate you letting me know.

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