Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Nowhere to put this - too good to not show

Uh oh... TV turns my heart/I still hate that cat!

There was a time, not too long ago, that I literally hated television and everything about television.

Maybe because of my political views (I'm a news hound), maybe because America didn't seem like the America I had wanted it to be.

Really, why I hated TV is neither here nor there; the fact is, I hated it.

I still don't have a TV.  I still don't want a TV.

But what I do have is YouTube.  And I just discovered the other day Our Miss Brooks on old TV;  and in the past I've made it well known, yes, more than once  that I didn't like Our Miss Brooks on the radio.

I never thought it was important (until now) but I failed to tell you people that I had never seen an episode on the boob tube.  That is until about a week ago.  Now I find myself immersed in the show; perhaps more as a curiosity... Stretch Snodgrass looks like that, huh?  Gale Gordon, I knew already, is much better on TV than on the radio.  Connie and Mr. Boyton are a cute couple now that I can see them.

But the most important improvement is Mrs. Davis.  I had imagined her much different and I didn't like the image my mind had molded.  Mrs. Davis was the main stranglehold on why I really didn't like the show.  Mrs. Davis, with her feeble mind and the tone of her voice was like a nail against a chalkboard to me.

But the "real Mrs. Davis" is so much better in this case, than the radio version.  More importantly, there's no pesky Minerva, the cat.  I really do hate that cat on radio!

The ultimate test was then to listen to a radio episode of Our Miss Brooks again Ah, here's one I don't seem to remember.  Ah, Mrs. Davis doesn't seem so bad now.  Ah, I feel refreshed and overjoyed.  Ah, I think I'll have a Fresca.

But I still hate that cat!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Harold Peary was just 5' 5" and other things

Article says Marian Jordan suffered "nervous breakdown" in '38-'39

I heard it was alcoholism...

Either way, it's usually referred to only as a "sickness" in print and it's never pinpointed - this is a rare find.

Kind of a strange Duffy's Tavern article

Rare Rocky Fortune article

Very rare Nightbeat article

Liz Cooper and My Favorite Husband

Surely that's not Lucy in the photo?

Three Inner Sanctum articles

Welles stars in Lives of Harry Lime

Halls of Ivy: Don Quinn never went to college

Harold Peary & The Great Gildy

A couple more Suspense

Elliott Lewis/Suspense

Cathy Lewis article

Five more Fibber & Molly

Four different Fibber/Molly articles

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