OTR Show Casts

This is a work in-progress (ie. it will never be finished!)

3 Ring Time (1943)
20 Questions
21st Precinct
Abbott & Costello (1940) 
Abie's Irish Rose
Adventures of Ellery Queen, The
Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet, The
Adventures of Sam Spade, Detective, The
Adventures of Superman, The 
Against the Storm
Al Pearce and his Gang (1934)
Aldrich Family, The (1938-42)
Aldrich Family, The (1942-43)
Aldrich Family, The 1943
Aldrich Family, The (1943-44)
Aldrich Family, The (1949)
Amos and Andy (1928-1954)
Archie Andrews
Arnold Grimm's Daughter (1938)
Aunt Jenny's Stories
Aunt Mamie
Baby Snooks 
Bachelor's Children
Backstage Wife
Backstage Wife (1940) 
Beulah (1952-53)
Betty and Bob
Betty Boop
Beyond These Valleys
Big Sister 
Big Sister (1940)
Big Town (1938-1940)
Big Town (1940-1942)
Big Town (1941)
Big Town (1942+)
Bob Hope Show (1938-39) 
Bold Venture
Box 13
Breakfast Club (1936)
Breakfast Club (1943)
Bulldog Drummond 
Burns and Allen (1940-41)
Campbell's Playhouse
Can You Top This?
Casey Crime Photographer 
Casey, Press Photographer (see Casey Crime Photographer)
Chandau the Magician
Charlie Chan (1945)
Children's Hour, The
City Desk
Coast to Coast on a Bus
Columbia Workshop
Crime Photographer (see Casey Crime Photographer)
Dr. Christian
Dr. I.Q.
Date With Judy, A
Day in the Life of Dennis Day, A
Dear John (1941)
Duffy's Tavern (1941-42) 
Duffy's Tavern (1942-43) 
Duffy's Tavern (1944-48)
Exploring the Unknown (1946) 
Fat Man, The
Father Knows Best
Father Knows Best (1950) 
Fibber McGee and Molly (1942)
Fibber McGee and Molly (1945-1953)
Fort Laramie
Gay Nineties, The (1943)
Gene and Glenn (1940)
Good News of 19--  (see Maxwell House Coffee Time)
Great Gildersleeve (1941-44)
Great Gilderssleeve (1944-50)
Great Gildersleeve (1944-48) 
Guiding Light
Guiding Light (1940)
Guiding Light (#2) (1940) 
Halls of Ivy. The
Her Honor, Nancy James 
Here's Morgan (1947)
Hilltop House (unknown years)
Hilltop House (1954)
Home of the Brave
Home of the Brave (1941)
Hometown Reunion
Hour of Charm (1943)
I Deal in Crime (aka Ross Dolan, Detective) 
I Love a Mystery
I Want a Divorce
I Was a Communist For the FBI  
Information Please (various)
Inside Story, The
It Pays to Be Ignorant
Jack Armstrong: All-American Boy
Jack Benny Show
Jimmy Durante-Garry Moore Show (1943)
Joan and Kermit
Joe and Mabel
Juvenile Jury
Kate Smith Show
Let's Pretend
Life Begins
Life With Luigi (Unknown years)
Lum and Abner (1943) 
Kaltenmeyer's Kindergarten (1935-36)
Kaltenmeyer's Kindergarten (1939) 
Kaltenmeyer's Kindergarten (1940)
Kay Kyser's Kollege of Musical Knowledge
Let George Do It
Life and Love of Dr. Susan
Life Can Be Beautiful
Life of Riley, The
Light of the World (1945) 
Lone Ranger (1940)
Lone Ranger (1941-1956) 
Lonely Women
Luncheon at the Waldorf
Mr. and Mrs. North
Mr. District Attorney
Mr. President 
Ma Perkins
Man Called X, A
Mary Marlin
Maudie's Diary 
Maxwell House Coffee Time
Mayor of the Town
Mercury Theatre 
Morey Amsterdam Show, The
My Favorite Husband 
My Friend Irma
Myrt and Marge
Myrt and Marge (1940)
National Barn Dance (1937)
New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
Nick Carter, Master Detective
Nine O'Clock Club
Nobody's Children 
O'Neills, The 
One Man's Family (unknown years)
One Man's Family (1938)
One Man's Family (1942)
One Man's Family (1943)
One Man's Family (1946)
One Man's Family (1947)
Our Miss Brooks
Passport to Romance 
Pepper Young's Family (1938)
Pepper Young's Family (1940)
Pepper Young's Family (1944) 
Philo Vance
Piano Playhouse
Portia Faces Life
Pretty Kitty Kelly 
Quiz Kids (1941)
Quiz Kids (1945)
Quiz Kids (1949)
Quiz Kids (1950) 
Quiz Kids (1952)
Quiz Kids (Unknown years)
Red Skelton and Company (1943)
Red Skelton Show, The 
Regular Fellers
Richard Diamond, Private Detective
Road of Life, The 
Robert Q. Lewis' Little Show (Unknown years)
Rocky Fortune
Rocky Jordan
Saint, The
Scattergood Baines
Second Husband 
Second Mrs. Burton, The 
Sergeant Preston of the Yukon
Shadow, The (1938)
Shadow, The (1939)
Shorty Bell - Cub Reporter 
Show Boat
Six Shooter, The
Stella Dallas (1943)
Story of Mary Marlin, The (1940) 
Tale of Today, A
Telephone Hour, The (1943)
Take It or Leave It (1943)
Thanks to the Yanks (1943)
That Brewster Boy (1944)
Thin Man, The (1943) 
This is Adventure
This is Fort Dix (1943)
Those We Love
Valiant Lady
Vass Family 
Vic and Sade
Village Store (aka Sealtest Village Store)
Vox Pop (1936-194_)
Vox Pop (1943)
When a Girl Marries
Winner Take All
Woman in America, A
Woman in White
Yes What (Australian) 
Young Dr. Malone
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