Saturday, October 26, 2013

New, fan-edited Superman is awesome!

The Adventures of Superman was such a great radio show, it's hard to imagine it done any other way.  Most fans on the internet don't want people to mess with the original audio files, something I have been known to do myself, despite the many catcalls and negative comments fans often send in my direction.

Even I was skeptical when I recently came across a Tweeter named @BudCollyer. In his Tweets, he told of his fan audio versions of 3 famous Superman arcs, The Scarlet Widow, Atom Man and Atom Man in Metroplis.

After some investigation, I decided to download and give a listen.  I downloaded, then went to listen with an open mind.

What I found is some very heavily cut audio.  Now, you might shudder at the thought of any OTR being edited, especially The Adventures of Superman, but this is done very tastefully.  Almost all the commercials are cut; he leaves what may be the best commercial in the entire arc and pastes it flawless into the middle of the serial.  It's done so well that I had to smile.  It sounded natural and "live." What remains is audio that is way shorter than the original audio, with 25% or more missing.

Not only has the audio been cut, but lots of audio has been added.  To my knowledge, parts of many of the Superman film soundtracks have been employed (again, tastefully and artfully) - so much so that they fit in perfectly with what is going on.  If you didn't know what the original Superman radio show sounded like, you'd have no idea that this version wasn't the real thing.  There are other surprises in the audio too -- but not bad surprises!  The additions are most welcome and I'm glad they were incorporated (including an interview with Superman creator, Jerry Siegal.)

@BudCollyer is an artist with his audio software and obviously he's a devoted fan of The Adventures of Superman.  This audio seems like a project of love... that's how well-done it is.  If you enjoy the Superman radio serials, you will most-probably enjoy these.  He stresses that what he does is "fanedits", so if it's not your cup of tea, then move along.  There's nothing wrong with the original series - and there's certainly nothing wrong with this new stuff either.  It's worth the listen.  He's made a fan out of me!


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