Friday, December 31, 2010


There was a broken link in an earlier post today about Rocky Fortune/Captain Kangaroo. The mp3 should work now.

Goodbye 2010 Photo dump

Fred Allen

Jack Benny and Mary Livingstone

Cast of The Adventures of Superman

Bud Collyer

New Year's Eve Photo dump

Gunsmoke promo

Gunsmoke promo

Gunsmoke promo

Groucho at  warm-up

Portland Hoffa

Steve Allen

Steve Allen had a radio show in the 1950's.  As far as I know there are only 3 remaining episodes around.  Here is one of them.

Harold Peary pictoral

Stuff I'd buy if I was a millionaire [#17]

Tarzan button circa 1934 Signal Gas/Oil

Odd Rocky Fortune music - again

If you listen at the end of Rocky Fortune episode 531201 Murder Among the Statues, you will hear the theme song to Captain Kangaroo (it's called Puffin' Billy.)

It's a bird - it's a plane, no it's more Bud Collyer!

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