Thursday, March 31, 2011

Strange photo of the day~ monkey shines

hmmm...Lum & Abner as TV puppets?

How close did Lum and Abner become to turning into literal puppets on 1990's television?

I won't say they came close but at least one person conjured up that idea, according to a 1992 edition of OTR Digest (a collector's magazine):

Charlie McCarthy/Mortiner Snerd had their own comic strip!

Learn something every day!


Vic and Sade - It might be YOUR home

The wizard of Ozzie


Still disappointed - Uncle Ezra

Unusual ad not related to otr~Electric Hair Waver

Lum and Abner Dictionary update/March 31st

Only added one word today to the Lum and Abner Dictionary:


©Jimbo 2010/2011

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Interesting Fibber McGee and Molly photos!



It  doesn't much look like it but that's Marian Jordan

Fanny Brice in Ziegfield Follies (1936)

Agnes Moorehead 1935

Stuff Pat Novak says [#18]

"I began to think about the .32 caliber pistol. It's a woman's weapon - well, that doesn't prove anything, so's a bread knife if she's in a bad mood." 
 - 490306 Fleet Lady, Pat Novak For Hire

Fairly unexciting photo dump/March 30th

Arthur Treacher

This is a very large picture of Bing Crosby.  Click to enlarge.

Bob Burns - his bazooka and unkowns

Don Ameche

Fred Allen and Portland

Odd angle photo of Harold Peary and his wife
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