Friday, December 17, 2010

My peripheral OTR blog project

I am working on a very important project; it may or may not be something any of us actually use with any frequency - but I see it as something historical that can be used in relation to OTR.

I found that Billboard magazine is online in Google Books. Billboard, at least from 1942 on, reviewed radio shows; from what I can gather, every show (not every individual episodes, but the show itself.)

Realize, there are hundreds, maybe thousands of shows out there. Many that aren't even listed in exhaustive books; but they probably show up in Billboard.

At least 90% of the shows are ones I have never even heard of - this pushes me even harder to do this project because these shows need a "voice." While most of the shows I have seen so far are of the musical or variety, they still are important as far as radio history goes.

I am cataloging these reviews -- rather linking to the Billboard/Google page.

It would not surprise me that if by next week, I will have decided to show you the extension site to this and the Lum and Abner Dictionary.

Old radio will die if not for projects such as these. While OTR becomes less important to future generations, it remains an important part of our history, I feel. We should all do something to preserve history, since it seems our history is being swept under the rug a little every day.

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