Friday, February 1, 2013

Hodge-podging: February 1, 2013

I have in front of me a list that I made up a few days ago of some less-obvious things I like and dislike about old-time radio.  I have done a few podcasts on these things lately and I plan on doing more.

I've come to realize though that I enjoy disliking media of all sorts: films, television programs and even old-time radio.   Though I can't stand to watch a bad film, I will be the first to either pan the thing and I'm the first to also praise it, if it's good.  If it's just "okay" I usually won't even bother with it.

Same goes with actors and actresses.  I can tell you a lot about Orson Welles (good) or Alice Faye (bad) and little about Paul Winslowe (okay.)

And I can write a ton about my favorite shows (see my The Crazy World of Vic and Sade website) or even about the bad shows.  It really interests me to write about the bad, in some ways, more than the good.  It wouldn't be hard for me to be motivated to make a website devoted to truly bad radio, making the most snide comments I can imagine.


Other than the Westerns, news, talk and game shows, how many old-time radio programs can you name that never had at least a musical interlude?

I was trying to think of some earlier today and though I did think of a few, they are truly few and far between.  And I don't think there were any comedies at all didn't have a musical interlude (or more.)  And how many can you name that didn't employ a male soloist?  That wasn't a tenor?


I did a short podcast yesterday about Mary Livingstone and realize that I even dislike her more than I led on.  I think I was "nice" because I have the feeling I am the only one who doesn't like her.


I have been having huge urges lately to make a Wikipedia/OTR website, only because I think it would be more helpful to the researcher than you could ever imagine.  That is, except for the fact that the researcher can go and look up anyone now as it is.  Would an index be even more helpful?  It might but how many hours of work would go into such a project?  Way too many, I'm afraid.


I suppose it wouldn't be shocking to anyone reading this for me to tell you that I have an desire to continue producing material for my Vic and Sade website.  If I had some money, I'd go and get all of the remaining articles I don't have and share them with everyone.  Send $500 to Jimbo at my home, at my city, USA.

But seriously, if not for people emailing me asking me continue with general OTR (as opposed to Vic and Sade) I'm afraid you'd might lose me.   I am quite devoted to that program.


  1. Just a comment that you already know. I enjoy reading your opinion on OTR. It stimulates me to rethink things and try to take a different approach to the shows. Just thinking about OTR is interesting to me and that is what you do. Thanks, Jimbo.

  2. As far as not liking Mary Livingstone, most of her contemporaries didn't like her, and I recall Lucielle Ball caling her "Hard-hearted Mary." It was the exact opposite of Gracie Allen, whom everyone seems to love.

    As for her performance, while I have nothing against her, I have little for her either. I often wondered while listening what her background was since she often flubbed lines. I never found out if she had a professional background or not. On the show, of course, she always talked about working for the May company.

    Re: musincal interlude. I recently heard an episode of The Great Gildersleeve where, for no reason at all, they stepped aside from the story and presented a song from a singer whom, I assume, they were trying to promote. It was not story-related, they simply presented a song from a new singer in the middle of the program.

  3. @bostonBlackie - thanks! You have been a faithful reader since day one and many, many comments. I appreciate you very much!

    @bmj2k - I have read also where Mary was not well-liked. I do believe she did indeed truly work for the May Company.

    RE: GGildersleeve - yes and you will find stuff like this happening on Amos 'n' Andy, The Aldrich Family and others (even Vic and Sade in the last year) where for years they had no music then POOF, there's music.


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