Sunday, January 16, 2011

Quarreling about 1946 radio: Sunday

I find this show to be in the top 5 most-interesting shows out there. The Quiz Kids is like a bag full of Halloween candy when you were a kid; you don't really know how good it will be until you start digging through there. You know the candy is going to be delicious - but just how delicious?

The show is going to be fun - sometimes - depending on what kids are on the show - it's a riot. If the show has a five year-old kid on there, it's going to be really funny.

Not only are the kids smart but they are ridiculously smart. It's amazing to me just how brilliant they are. Even when they are wrong you can usually see the link their small mind connected to get to the answer.

As I alluded to earlier, if a five or a six year-old is on the show, you are really in for a treat. The real dilemna is this: they know a lot but they don't know what the older kids know. They'll stick their hand up and know something - but then get carried away a lot of the time on some fantastic jaunt that has nothing to do with the question. When this happens, it's not fine entertainment it's dynamic hilarity to the "nth" degree.

Even when they get it wrong (rarely) you just wait until he (or she) can answer another one.

The older kids are rarely funny; on occaision the show will adopt a kid who's not as smart as he thinks he is - I love it when they are on there are get the answers wrong. Ha ha, you lil brainiac brat!

All in all, a really fun show - especially for those who like quizzes and children. Three pyramids.

I avoided a lot of stuff I already covered in the past weeks (Jack Benny, Fred Allen, Baby Snooks, etc.)

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