Friday, January 21, 2011

My top 75

These are my favorite 75 OTR programs. The only criteria I gave myself was, I had to have heard at least 7 shows. This cut out a few shows I probably would have put into the list, however, you really can't tel much form listening to a handful of shows.

This list does not reflect what I think are the best 75 shows - just the 75 shows that I like the best.

Also, since this was my list, I divided some shows into specifics (for example, Great Gildersleeve but only the ones with Harold Peary.)

Feel free to critique the list or add your own:

75 Lux Radio Theater
74 Lear Show - Orson Welles Commentary
73 Jack Carson Show
72 Eddie Bracken Show
71 My Favorite Husband
70 Famous Jury Trials
69 CBS Radio Mystery Theater
68 Dangerous Assignment
67 Box 13
66 Theater Five
65 Ozzie and Harriet
64 Sears Radio Theater
63 Our Miss Brooks
62 Gangbusters
61 Abbott and Costello
60 Address Unknown
59 The Falcon
58 Bold Venture
57 Drama of the Courts
56 Counterspy
55 Red Skelton Show
54 Nightbeat
53 Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar (non-serial)
52 Suspense
51 Doctor Six-gun
50 Man Hunt
49 Whitehall 1212
48 FBI in Peace and War
47 Halls of Ivy
46 Adventures of Rocky Fortune
45 Let George Do It
44 Luke Slaughter of Tombstone
43 Tarzan Lord of the Jungle
42 Have Gun Will Travel
41 Pete Kelly's Blues
40 Sherlock Holmes (with Tom Conway)
39 Epic Casebook
38 Have Gun Will Travel
37 Duffy's Tavern
36 Sherlock Holmes (with Basil Rathbone)
35 Amos and Andy
34 Phil Harris-Alice Faye Show
33 Aldrich Family
32 Pat Novak For Hire
31 Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar (Serial)
30 Speed Gibson of the International Secret Police
29 Tales of the Texas Rangers
28 Life of Riley
27 Big Town (1938-1942)
26 Adventures of Superman
25 This is Your FBI
24 Escape
23 Line-up
22 Fort Laramie
21 Jack Benny Program
20 Bill Stern
19 Lives of Harry Lime
18 Quiz Kids
17 Dragnet
16 Dambusters
15 Black Museum
14 21st Precinct
13 Damon Runyon Theater
12 Lum and Abner (prior to 1948)
11 Great Gildersleeve (Harold Peary years)
10 Nightwatch
09 You Bet Your Life
08 Information Please
07 Milton Berle Show
06 Frontier Gentleman
05 Gunsmoke
04 Fibber McGee and Molly
03 Baby Snooks (in all various show titles)
02 I Was a Communist for the FBI
01 The Six Shooter


  1. I like the Falcon much more than you and also Johnny Dollar (30 minute) shows. I dislike Pete Kelly's Blues and Milton Berle. I noticed you have the Lineup. Where did you download those, I would like to hear them as well.

  2. How can you dislike Milton Berle? As You suggested I give Halls of Ivy another shot (which I did and now greatly appreciate) I suggest you give Milton Berle another shot. That show is fantastic!

    The Line-up is either in the Mystery Clubhouse or uploaded to the Mystery Clubhouse and Brad hasn't moved them over yet (He's been very busy, he tells me.) There must be at least a couple of gig of stuff I uploaded that he hasn't moved over yet. You might ask him about it.

    I believe there are about 50+ Line-up shows waiting for you. Great show, a lot like Dragnet.

    The thing about Johnny Dollar - there were so many different guys who played JD. If it's Bob Bailey we're talking about 0 then JD goes up a good bit.

  3. I will listen to Milton Berle. I agree,it must be Bob Bailey doing Dollar. can not listen to any of the others. Also, will check again about Mystery Clubhouse on the Line Up. If not there, I will check with him about it. I also noticed that many of the Sci-Fi stuff is not on your list. I do not listen to them because my wife absolutely dislikes them. I am entertained by them, but, must live in accord with my loving wife.

  4. Just check back on mystery clubhouse and found the Line Up. Thanks for telling me about it as I had checked about a week ago and it was not there. I need to do some downloading.

  5. Yeah there should be tons of new stuff there as I added it a week+ ago...

    I enjoy (sometimes) both horror and sci-fi but they are not on my priority list. Out those two genre, I like Inner Sanctum more than I like, X Minus One, for example. I don't even listen to CBS Mystery Theater that much, because there is a lot of horror and sci-fi.

    The REAL horror I hate (witches, devils, etc) - I'm okay with mass murder though ;)

    Eventually I will get to Dimension X and X Minus One etc.


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