Saturday, January 22, 2011

One of my favorites: This I Believe

This I Believe is not one of the shows in My Top 75; the reason for this is simple. I really never listen to it.

I know, you are scratching your heads. How can This I Believe be one of your favorites, yet you never listen to it? I'll get to that in a second.

This I Believe was a 5 minute syndicated series that was hosted by Edward R. Murrow from 1951-1955. Famous people and everyday people were given a chance to stand up to the microphone and present what it was that motivated them in life; their belief system.

The show is really fascinating. It's a very serious show, it should hold most anyone's attention for the short 5 minutes.

Murrow presented the guest and then the rest was up to them. Often, people would speak of their parents or a kind person who helped them along the way; sometimes one would speak of church or a pastor or some spoke of their children.

Well, if I enjoy this show so much, why wasn't in my top 75?

The truth of the matter is, if I ranked it, it would be in the 30's. But I never really listen to the show. It is the show I use to go to sleep by at night. "What people believe" rocks me to slumber and I rarely do "listen" to the show.

But this is a good one. It's real radio and there's very little of that left to cherish that doesn't belong to NPR. (Oddly enough, this series was not only re-run on NPR as late as 2009 but they also created their own version which may still run in some areas.)

Below, an example of the series. Barbara Stanwyck, the actress, provides the belief:

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