Saturday, January 29, 2011

Not OLD but NEW time: Red Panda Adventures

We all love our classic radio.  I'm sure you wouldn't be reading this blog otherwise.  And who could blame us?  OTR is full of fun, adventures and wholesome entertainment for most everyone.

But I'd like to make you aware of something I found about a year ago: Red Panda Adventures.

The show is about a superhero named the Red Panda.  He has a sidekick, a female by the name of Flying Squirrel.  They aren't superhuman but they are a lot like Batman and Robin, except they are Canadian.

The show is like a cross between The Shadow and The Blue Beetle (if you've ever heard that one.)  It seems to be set in the 1945 era or so (that's all a guess; I haven't really read up on them.)

I've heard 20 or more episodes and I must say it's a fine show.  There's a lot of humor in it and sometimes it has sexual innuendo but they do this very cleverly.  It's still a kid-type show, I assure you.

The adventures are very cartoony and they are actually lots of fun.  There are about 65 adventures and all were made within the last couple or three years.

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