Saturday, January 15, 2011

Billboard vs Jimbo: Amos and Andy

The 30 minute version of Amos and Andy is a fine show, despite what you might read or might have heard - or as in the case of XM Radio, not have heard.

XM refuses to play Amos and Andy, obviously afraid of the backlash they would receive.

Here's the thing: Amos and Andy is part of history. It's no different than people still eat at restaurants despite the fact that prior to the 1960's most of those places were racially divided.

It's also no different than Dave Chappelle's show a few years back; he made fun of all races, including his own. Controversial? Yes but the man sold more TV show DVD's than anyone else.

And besides, the show, "Amos and Andy" isn't making fun of anyone. They are simply doing a schtick - unlike Chappelle, who even made fun of his own race!

Now, on with the review:

The show really has a bad title as Amos has virtually nothing to do with the show. As a matter of fact, Amos is such a good guy, if he were a central part of the show, I'm afraid the show would be no fun at all. He does show up now and then but only to provide some sort of morality to the plot.

The show really centers around The Kingfish, a conniving, scheming out-for-a-buck fellow who usually takes easy pickings from Amos, who is a tiny bit slower than most folk. If the show should come with a warning, it shouldn't be about race but about the fast-buck morals of said Kingfish.

Other than the fact they are "black" there is no difference in their act than say, a cross between various John Brown radio characters, Lou Costello, Ralph Kramden and Fred Flintstone.

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