Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hodge-podging about "Squad Cars" and other things

Thanks to, I have been introduced to Squad Cars, a South African series that came out in the mid-1960's.

I haven't listened to that many episodes so I'm not reviewing the show but I do want to tell you it's Dragneteque combined with that British feel (yes, I know South Africa is nowhere near the United Kingdom.)

If you like police drama on radio, this is a series I'm pretty sure you will enjoy.   The accents are not hard to understand.

Later, after I have listened to more episodes, I will try and write a review.

Meanwhile, there literally is nothing much going on that I can post.  A lot of my time is spent with my three Vic and Sade blogs (you non-Vic and Sade fans probably only know of the one but there are actually three of them now!)

This stems from the fact that I am a tremendous fan of the series and I suppose I will never understand why you people who do not listen to Vic and Sade haven't given it a better try.

I honestly am looking for things to post but I am just not finding much.

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  1. Has Vic and Sade topped your other favorite show, Lum and Abner?

  2. Hi BB.

    L&A never been my favorite show - I really don't even listen to it anymore... I'll pick it up again some day.

    Vic and Sade is miles ahead of anything out there. Is stays fresh everyday. What I don't understand is how it isn't everybody's favorite show.

  3. Jimbo, as you know I have just started to listen to this show and is part of my regular cue. But, I still have not listen to a lot of them to know what extent I really like it. But, I must say that you encouraged me to listen to it and glad you did. I have seen subtle humor in each show that I have heard. My wife is resistent to it. There is an autmatic closing of the door to it. So that is why some people probably say they do not like it. I do not know if it will reach the level of 'liking' that you have for it, but, it will remain in my cue which is saying something.

  4. Maybe try listening to 3-4 shows in a row? Have you ever looked at my character page at Vic and Sade?

  5. Yes I have(character page). Also the maps and other things. I like it.

  6. Just went there in fact. My upcoming Vic and Sade is titled 'R.J.Konk's Improved Portrait.' So I looked him up and read about him so that I will have an idea on who he is. It was very helpful.

  7. The lodge is funny business... Wish you would reply at the V&S blog after each message; few comments there...

    Konk is Vic's hero BTW...



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