Sunday, February 6, 2011

Little-known treasure: Man From Homicide (Audition)

If you will recall, I really am not a fan of the Audition episode.  Normally, things are rough, the music is different and characters change.

Charles McGraw: there's no tougher cop
Man From Homicide is a little different. The Audition for the show starred B-movie extraordinaire Charles McGraw instead of Dan Duyea, who eventually got the part.

McGraw plays Lt. Dana and is tougher than any other two OTR policeman put together. He's like Luke Slaughter and Matt Dillon rolled into a 1940's Homicide dick.

McGraw's voice has always fascinated me - as good as he was in the movies he comes off even better on radio. His voice is a grimy gravel pit of I'm-gonna-get-you.

The other available Man From Homicide epsiodes feature Duryea as Lt. Dana, but his voice is smooth - it reminds me of Harry Bartell in a Petri Wine commercial.  While Duryea plays the tough guy, his toughness is diminished greatly upon hearing McGraw's wonderful performance.  The script for the audition, The Wintrhop Case, is also very good and fits McGraw perfectly.

I hope you will listen to the episode below or you can download it if you prefer.  This is not only the best audition ever, it's one of the finest episodes of anything out there.


  1. I have to agree about mcgraw, he's one of my favorite actors. I see in your profile that you like film noir. Mcgraw was a great film noir actor. I haven't listened to all of the episode yet but I agree, he's very tough. I really enjoy your blog, please don't quit!

  2. Thanks for the comments Kevin. Did you see McGraw in "Armored Car Robbery?" That's one of my favorites. And also the great "Narrow Margain" and "T-Men."

    I once wrote that McGraw was Dick Tracy in the flesh...

    Sometimes it's hard to find things to write about. I can post clips all day but that's not as fun as writing. You help me by supplying ideas for things for me to write about. Suggest a program for review or what-have-you.

  3. How about Broadway Is My Beat. Really like it. Prefer Larry Thor in the starring role. Elliot Lewis as the producer. The earlier ones were not as good.

  4. You won't like what I have to say about it :) Give me a couple of days and I'll do it. (Thanks)


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