Friday, February 18, 2011

How I roll

Everyday since the beginning of the year, I have given you the feature called, March of old time.

I will show you how I find those dates and shows; it's simple really:

I look the date up in Google with "otr"
The Lum and Abner Dictionary takes more work than you think.  For one thing, I often have to listen to 4 shows for enough material each day.  But I'm at the point now that if I can come up with 4 words for a day, I'm happy.

I must keep notes when I listen to Lum and Abner.  Here's my notes from last night shows and notice 3 words I couldn't use in the dictionary, because they are already there...

I'm not really sure anyone cares how I do these things, but I thought I'd show you anyway.

And this blog has some pull with Google.  Check this out:


  1. When I am listening, I am in bed and the lights are out and my eyes closed. No way could I take notes. Liked seeing your notes, though. I try to make mental notes, but, by morning they are gone. Chalk it up to age.

  2. Haha. I like to just sit back and listen and I usually do after Lum and Abner is over - but I have a clipboard and a lightswitch handy. Yes, I listen in the dark - well, I do get the light from a computer - but I like to sit there in the dark. I don't know why.

    Since the blog has started, I have been having t turn on the lights to write down notes. I try to note anything out of the ordinary or anything that sparks a memory.

    I think if you look at the blog day by day, you can see many things I have noted while listening to OTR - a lot of it is in the Hodge-Podging posts.

  3. I think radio is made for the dark. We used to listen to radio during its hay day with candles. Part of it was to save electricity, but, heck, who needs light when listening. I can see where one gets ideas while listening to a show. I do, but, listen for entertainment, not note taking. I can understand why you do or helps to. Sounds like before your blog, you listened to it in the dark as well.

    I remember listening by candle light as a kid and each popcorn. I think my parents was used to the war years where one saved electricity and carried that over to after the war. At least for a year or two. Then it was back to the electric lights. Nothing like inner sanctum in candle lights. Don't listen to that show now as my wife does not like that type of story.

  4. Inner Sanctum isn't soooo creepy (to me anyway.)

    I know one thing for sure - listening to OTR as you fall asleep shapes your dreams. I have woken up several times in the past few months with these weird dreams. Too hard to describe but I was in Chicago with Randy Stone...

  5. Ah, would like to be with Randy for a night. Some good adventures.


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