Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hodge-podging: A smile on my face when I hear...

Oscar Levant playing the piano on Information Please when asked to make up tunes for certain emotions. Fabulous radio like that bring big smiles.

Groucho Marx. Nobody's quicker with the wit.

Lum and Abner talking about something scientific.

Mixed-up Mayor LaTrivia. (By the way, I'm at a spot now where he hasn't been mixed up for several episodes in a row.)

Baby Snooks. Love that show!

The cornball coerciveness of This is Your FBI.

The sassy side of Walter Tetley (especially on the Great Gildersleeve.)

The even sassier Arnold Stang on the Milton Berle Show.  Certainly one of the funniest people ever.

A long-winded Jack Webb speech in any character - but the best are Pat Novak and Sgt. Friday (Dragnet.)

Chester on Gunsmoke when nothing important is happening.

Marian Jordan as Teeny (Fibber McGee and Molly.)

Danny Kaye.

The malaprops of Lou Costello, Fibber McGee, Chester Riley, Archie the manager (Duffy's Tavern)- but best of all, Nick Dupopolous on Fibber McGee and Molly.

Ricky Nelson as a kid on Ozzie and Harriett.

Grandpappy Spears (Lum and Abner.)

Orson Welles as any character or as himself. PRICELESS.

The young children on the Quiz Kids.

The time machine of old-time radio.


  1. I would include:
    The barbs between Ozzie and Thorny (John Brown)

    The Lone Ranger and his preaching about right and Justice

    Jane explaining Irma's quirks. Also the professor describing the differnce between the two.

    Sam Spade explaining something to his secretary.

    Johnny Dollars daily notebook.

    And so it goes................


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