Monday, August 27, 2012

The lost art of hodge-podging

Wow, I haven't done this in ages: hodge-podging!  I remember doing a lot in the early days of the blog but I got busy doing other things.

Yes, even when I'm not busy here at this blog, I'm usually busy elsewhere.  I'm very proud of the work I (and others) have done at The Crazy World of Vic and Sade blog.  I wish others would do the same thing with other shows,

I've a feeling there will be little else done in terms of OTR websites.  The people who enjoy OTR are getting older and older and there are few "young bloods" out there who like OTR to begin with.  I feel like I am a part of the dying breed.  I feel like a lot of weight is on my shoulders to not let OTR die.  After all, how many people under 50 years old love old time radio? 

I was told by someone who knows, that I am one of a small handful.  And out of that handful, how many are trying to keep it alive?  The internet is still a growing place and there's room for everyone.  But I have a feeling we are seeing the last days of OTR on the internet.

I promise to keep plugging along doing my thing for as long as I can.  My health isn't great and -shock- I expect to die one day!  But until that day comes and as long as I am able, I'm going to keep spreading the word about OTR.
You know, there's some decent tv out there.  I enjoy watching the "picker" shows/auction shows and though I don't really care for anything else out there (other than older, classic tv) I could watch that stuff all day long.

But some of that other junk on tv - gee, how can people watch that stuff?  I think about how many people are missing the joys of the 21st Precinct, Gunsmoke, The Six Shooter, Dragnet, etc.

I often see people doing chores outside with earbuds in; I know they are probably listening to their favorite tunes.  I want to go up to them and show them what they are missing.  How much better their life would be with a little You Bet Your Life in it!  Laughter is the best medicine.  Even after hearing You Bet Your Life a million times, I still laugh at it - or rather, at Groucho Marx.

One day, no one will be listening to OTR.  There won't be anyone to converse with on the internet about it.  We'll all be driving air cars and our mp3 players will be inside of our heads.  Conversing then will be done by digital telepathy and...

I don't like the future I see.  Yeah, there are numerous possibilities for advancement but I'm perfectly happy here listening to Words at War, probably the most underrated program in radio history.  If you don't or haven't listened to it, do yourself a favor and try it.


  1. Your thoughts reminded me of the Japanese girl that got interested in otr a few year and we fear she got caught up in the tsunami (sp) and never heard of again. Sad, sad story as we know the story. I always pictured her being younger, but, I maybe wrong. I read this entry and thought of this.

  2. Well we don't know the tsunami got her but... yeah that's sad, I remember it well (although I had forgotten about it until this comment.)

  3. I agree we do not know. However, that is what my mind tells me what happened and it always brings some sadness.


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