Thursday, January 6, 2011

Auditions... blecch!

I hate to listen to auditions. When I do listen, I find that things are different and I don't like "different."

Sometimes-annoying Norma Jean Nilsson
For instance, the other day I finally listened to the audition of Father Knows Best.  Instead of the Anderson family, they were the Henderson family.  That just doesn't work.   I was expecting a sasquatch to show up in the show.

There was one drastic improvement in the audition though.  The girl who played Kathy (not sure who she was) was a lot better than the Kathy (Norma Jean Nilson) on the regular show. 

Lucky Stone
Now that's funny because I love lil Norma Jean on Jack Carson's show (she plays the little neighborhood girl.)  But I'd strangle her if I lived in the Henderson (oops Anderson) neighborhood.

And I listened to the audition (and further) of Nightbeat, where Randy Stone is a night time reporter for a Chicago newspaper.

However, in the audition and for a few episodes after, he is not Randy but "Lucky!"  That makes me cringe.

In the audition, which is one of the better auditions I have heard, he acts like he could star in a 1950's Die Hard film.  He gets himself into one serious scrape after another chasing a guy whom he thinks killed his old friend.


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  2. Glad you are enjoying yourself, Andy. Please come back and stuff yourself!


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