Monday, February 14, 2011

March of old time/Feb. 14

55 years ago...
Suspense 560214 Listen, Young Lovers
Dragnet 560214 The Big Tooth  

60 years ago...
Crime Does Not Pay 510214 Rough Customer 
Honest Harold (Harold Peary) 510214 Mistaken Valentines
Great Gildersleeve 510214 Throwing Snowballs  

65 years ago...
Abbott & Costello 460214 Working At The Apartment Hotel 
Suspense 460214 180 The Lucky Lady  

70 years ago...
Lone Ranger 410214  The Round Up
Front Page Drama 410214 The Ghost of Richard Riker 

75 years ago...
Front Page Drama 360214 Devil's Crib


  1. I am posting this here although it does not fit. So what! I thought I would share the OTR shows that I listened to as a kid during the late 40s and early 50s. Before we had tv and had to listen to stories and project them in your mind. The first show I always think of, no surprise, is Boston Blackie. My brother and I would listen to it regularly. Thus my pen name. Other shows not sports related were Bull Dog Drummond (loved the fog horn in background like what I heard in my home town of Racine, Wisconsin which juts out into Lake Michigan. I remember listening with my parents to Fibber & Molly, Life with Luigi and Charles Bergen and Charlie McCarthy. My mother always had Bing Crosby on. After eating supper I would listen to the Lone Ranger. Also a friend from school and I listened to Challenge of the Yukon. Captain Midnight and Terry and the Pirates were on my listening list. Later years I seem to remember listening to Dragnet. If I was off from school, I would hear day time soaps that my mother had on. They were Stella Dallas, Ma Perkins, and Young Dr. Malone. Somewhere within this web of my mind was Queen for a Day. With my sister there was Lux Theater and the Little Theater on the corner of broadway(?) and My Friend Irma. Maybe some of your other viewer will share their shows they listened to as a kid when they were first on and not on tape or digital files. Thanks for this opportunity to share this with your readers, Jimbo. I know I have left some out, but, that is the best my memory can do this morning.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing, Boston Blackie! I hope more people will post here about what they listened to back in the day. I find it exciting.


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