Wednesday, February 16, 2011

YOUR HELP WANTED - Radio detectives: strengths and weaknesses

With inspiration from my friend, Boston Blackie, I came up with an idea.  How about we make up a radio detective strengths/weakness post.

For instance, radio's Richard Diamond's main strengths are his wit and his charm.  His weaknesses include the many blows to the head he's sustained (that's gotta hurt!)

Pat Novak's main strength seems to be the poetic way he can put a situation into words.  His weakness may be a swell dame - since he does seem to get involved with them.

On the other hand, Johnny Dollar has the strength to avoid being manipulated (usually) by a female client and he also has the strength to be able to keep an honest expense account.  He's actually pretty strong in several areas - so what's his weak point?

The Fat Man is highly intelligent but he has gluttony for a weakness.

Boston Blackie can crack a safe or steal a painting without getting caught but doesn't make him a criminal?  Isn't that a weakness?

Joe Friday of Dragnet was a helluva cop but he lived with his mother.  Is that a weakness?

I know few of you participate but this might be fun if you just leave a comment about your favorite radio detective's strengths and weaknesses.


  1. I will add that Joe Friday seemed to have no time for girl friends as well.

    Sam Spade had to put up with his goofy secretary as well. Sort of a strength and weakness.

    Inspector Thorne had very little personality as a weakness, but, had a deductive mind.

    Casey crime photographer had Annie as his helper (even though she was the beat writer and he was the picture guy) as a strength but his editors always kept him in place (his weakness). But one would think that Annie would have been the one in charge as the writer and not Casey.

  2. Wow good ones... Box 13's Dan Halliday had to put up with a goofy secretary too...

    And George Valentine had to put up with some bad plots (j/k)

    What was Johnny Dollar's weakness?

  3. Not sure Johnny has one. The only thing is he pretty much had to go where the insurance company sent him. Very little say in the 'matter', thus, his show titles always end with 'matter.'


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