Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Quarreling about radio 1946: Wednesday

The 1930's Lone Ranger is almost not worth listening to. During the 1940's, we can listen and enjoy; the sound quality has improved greatly.

The Lone Ranger may be the best of the kid Westerns, but that's not saying a whole lot. One pyramid. (By the way, interesting choice of the way to spell, "poppa.")

Uneven light detective fare in the Thin Man vein. Sometimes this is a very good show, other times, I shrug my shoulders.

The acting is pretty good, so the writing must be the culprit. (TV series of same name is not bad either - you can find free episodes available at The Internet Archive.) One and half pyramids.

This was a very popular show in the 1940's and I am stunned as to why.

Repeated listenings for me reveal no magical qualities; show is a snoozer. One pyramid.

Sometimes (and usually) known as Mr. Keen: Tracer of Lost Persons, this might actually be my pick for least-well-known American gem. Two and a quarter pyramids.

I can assume everyone reading this has heard this show. Great production values and weekly superstar acting bore one intelligent show after another.

While there are a few boners, many of the shows are genuinely frightening. I look at Suspense, however, as more of (tv's) The Twilight Zone of radio and that's a compliment. Two and 3/4 pyramids.

A hard-to-find series. I have had the opportunity to listen to several shows. Giving the show two stars is a lot like giving Cloverfield the Academy Award for Best Cinematography. No pyramids.

Another uneven show with the occasional superlative gem sprinkled in. You might have to listen to five shows before you utter the word, "Wow" but you will be rewarded occasionally. One and a half stars.

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