Monday, January 10, 2011

Quarreling about radio 1946: Tuesday

A somewhat entertaining program that lacks that something or that someone that would have made it great. Bob Hope is not bad but Jerry Colonna is by far the best thing on the show and he's on way too infrequently. Definitely not 3 pyramids. I have a hard time giving it 2 pyramids. But I will anyway.

To be honest, the best thing about Inner Sanctum is Raymond's intros and exits. He's sly, punny and memorable. I find it funny how Lipton Tea advertising is mixed up with this show and how the commercials are so primly and properly (and feminiely) presented before what was probably a frightful show in 1946.

The dramas themselves are usually stuffed with bad acting and scripts that lack criminal ingenuity. One pyramid.

The Falcon is one of those shows clearly above most of it's genre of it's time. It's basically a copy of Boston Blackie but done a wee bit better. Two pyramids.

Alan Young was made to play Mr. Ed's owner. No pyramids.

This version of Big Town is a different program with the same name as one from the late 1930's-early 1940's that starred Edward G. Robinson and Claire Trevor (that one is a power-packed, three pyramid humdinger.) 

This flimsy impersonator lacks wit, drama and intrigue -- and comes out as pedestrian as you can get. 1/2 of a pyramid.

The class act of Tuesday radio was clearly Fibber McGee and Molly, but I chose not to review it because anyone who frequently reads this blog would know the outcome of my review anyway.

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