Sunday, January 9, 2011

Quarreling about radio 1946: Monday

Whoever wrote these, obviously doesn't follow Superman very closely. Obviously, we are looking back at this series and 1946 was 65 years ago - but Superman was different from anything else on the air at the time as far as kid's shows. It was on the edge politcally and socially speaking; not to mention it was also awesome as an adventure series. And this was a series for kids!

TAOS was way ahead of it's time - at least by ten years.

I suggest the one pyramid rating given here is out of pure ignorance. TAOS can easily be summed up in one word: groundbreaking.

Again, I have to think the writer of this was just ignorant. Lum and Abner is not a serial that you can just listen to once a week. It must be studied over a long time.

While not the most exciting serial by any stretch of the imagination, Lum and Abner will take you off into a different world. The humor is slow and easy (sometimes corny but it's backwoods as you can get) but it was way ahead of it's time (see similar productions such as television shows like Green Acres and The Beverly Hillbillies made in the 1960's - L&A began in the early 1930's.)

Easily three pyramids.

Finally they get one right. COA was a well-produced series that holds up well today; it's close to LUX Radio as far as production value. It also is fine as an historical story teller.

History has shown us this Sherlock Holmes team of Rathbone-Bruce is the most well-received of the entire lot. I'm not sure it's worthy of more than 2 pyramids either, however.

Information Please had been on the air for 9 years when this review came out. There's no question that the reviewer does not like quiz programs and IP was the king of that genre.

It's an intelligent and often witty program as minds meld over impossible-to-answer questions (yet they know the answer, more often than not) and are able to finish silly limericks with ease as well. There is a lot of intelligent humor in IP and that's why the show stands up so well 74 years after it began.

OTR history has clearly shown that Dr I.Q. remains one of the best loved of the quiz shows. Audience particpation shows such as this are never dull because Joe Regularguy is almost always petrified to be on the live microphone and the questions aren't easy. While we don't have but a only a few offerings to listen to, what we do have show clearly that this was a fun show.

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