Sunday, January 9, 2011

Note about the Lum and Abner Dictionary

No Lum and Abner Dictionary updates again until tomorrow.  My "Lum and Abner notebook" is in a place where I am not allowed access, that is until tomorrow.

While not the most-exciting reading ever, I work hard at the LA Dictionary and hope you will give it a view now and then and hopefully get a chuckle or two out of it.


  1. Howdy! I will take a look at this ASAP! I'd like to invite you to visit us on the National Lum and Abner Society website. Drop by any time!

    Wonderful World1

  2. haha Wonderful World! I have visited your in the past. Thanks for dropping by and I hope you will feel free to use/link to/contribute to the Dictionary as much as you'd like!


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