Thursday, January 6, 2011

March of old time for January 6

55 years ago...
You Bet Your Life 560106 Secret Word is "Table"
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar 560106 The Caylin Matter part 4

60 years ago...
A Man Called X 510106 Operation Fifty Dangerous Assignment 510106 Landesburg, To Stop An Epidemic
Hopalong Cassidy 510106 The Case of the Last Word
My Favorite Husband 510106 Liz Substitutes at a Club Play

65 years ago...
Charlotte Greenwood Show 460106 Barbara Covers for Boyfriend
Fred Allen 460106 Take It or Leave It with Phil Baker
Jack Benny 460106 Rose Bowl Game
The Great Gildersleeve 460106 Ben Returns from the Navy
Nick Carter 460106 The Case of the Wandering Corpse

70 years ago...
Lux Theater 410106 Vivacious Lady
The Adventures of Superman 410106 The Howling Coyote Part 11
The Lone Ranger 410106 Rustlers at the Rio Grande
[note: 460106 is the day Theodore Roosevelt gave his famous "Four Freedoms" speech and of course, that was on the radio, too.]

75 years ago...
Benny Goodman 360106 From the Congress Hotel, Chicago

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