Monday, January 3, 2011

March of old-time for January 3, 2011

55 years ago...
Dragnet 560103 Big Mask Part 2
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar 560103 The Caylin Matter Episode 2

60 years ago...
Chesterfield Hour (Bing Crosby Show) 510103 Guest Fred Astaire
The Great Gildersleeve 510103 Marjorie Craves Sauerkraut 
Halls of Ivy 510103 Professor Barrett's Play
Crime Does Not Pay 510103 Edge Of The Desert
Bold Venture 510103 Death by a Game Cock

65 years ago...
Rogue's Gallery 460103 Stark McVey Murder 
Boston Blackie 460103  The Sword Swallower
Suspense 460103  Angel Of Death 
Burn and Allen 460103 Taking In A Veteran
Challenge of the Yukon 460103 The Grave Robbers 
Lum and Abner 460103 The Newspaper Article 

70 years ago...
Blondie & Dagwood 410103 Alexander's Scandal Sheet
Jack Armstrong 410103 Conclusion of Escape With The Uranium
The Adventures of Superman 410103 Howling Coyote - Part 10

75  years ago...
Front Page Drama 360103 Red Hot Miracle
Jack Armstrong 360103 Rescue of the Pelican - part 4

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