Friday, January 7, 2011

Hodge-podging once more

Bob Bailey; stuck in a bad script on LGDI
I heard one of the worst radio scripts ever on a program that usually has decent to sometimes excellent ones.  The culprit being Polly Hopkins'-penned Let George Do It.

The plot was pretty good but the subplot involved Valentine being afraid of horses; the way around this was to make George ride a hobby horse and a merry-go-round (in screaming terror, I might add.)

The episode was essentially passable but the meandering during the middle of the program (episode 461025 Cowboy Star Afraid of Horse) is some of the worst stuff ever.
Well, The Digital Deli is back online, just shortly after I had taken down all the links to it on OTR People.  So, it looks like the "A's" will NEVER be finished.

Every time I think I am done, I find a new person whose name ends in 'A' or the Digital Deli goes down or the Digital Deli comes back up...

Not only that but "B" may be delayed a while until I can add some more photos.  I'd say 60% of the photos I need are not on Google Images.  But I have found quite a few in newspapers, etc.  I am in the process of adding them online now (it may take a week or more) and then I will try and continue with OTR People.
Parley Baer
For years I had thought that Wheaties announcer Frank Martin and Parley Baer (Chester on Gunsmoke and thousands of other roles throughout radio, tv and film) were one in the same.  Their voices are so much alike.  If you doubt me, you can hear Wheaties' commericals with Martin during many episodes of Dangerous Assignment and some later episodes of Tales of the Texas Rangers.
Marvo (William Conrad)
Speaking of Gunsmoke - one of my favorite programs by the way - I heard versatile William Conrad last night on Rocky Fortune (episode 531208 Carnival One-way.)

In it, he plays a character named Marvo.  He shows up roughly nine and a half minutes in.  Check out the voice he uses!  It's very deep and quite hilarious.  It's the only time I remember hearing him use that voice!

This is my first run through Rocky Fortune but I find the show very entertaining.  Frank Sinatra was a great actor (this is evident in each and every one of the films he was in.)

Rocky Fortune continues to surprise me with it's quality every time I listen.

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