Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hodge-podging again

Just letting you know, I am still working on the 'A' section of OTR People. OTR People is going to take a while to finish because there are so many people in radio and I'm adding every bit I can to make the site just the kind of site we all need.  It takes time to find photos (and I am finding a lot of never-heard-of-these-people photos daily.)
While not a beautiful nor crystal-clear shot, photos like this are proving to be invaluable to my OTR People project
I haven't started to work on the 1944 Billboard OTR Reviews yet but I can almost guarantee that will be up and done before the end of this week.

I heard a really good show last night.  It was The Case of the Sailor's Family, a 21st Precinct show.  One of the better shows I have ever heard on radio.  It's about a sailor who comes home on an unexpected leave to Brooklyn, only to find his apartment building is burned and his wife and kid are missing.

As you probably know, I have started the new year with March of Old Time.  If you can think of any way to spice it up, please send in a suggestion.

Speaking of which, any comments you have are welcomed.  There is no "captcha", you can post anonymously as well.  There's no excuse not to write in and tell me how bad this blog is.  :)  I also would love for you to vote in the polls.

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