Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Funniest moment ever on 'Information Please?'

Information Please was known by some as being a stuffy, stuck-up show with a bunch of over-educated snoots.  Really, nothing farther could be the case.

Yes, the questions were sometimes very hard but sometimes the questions weren't that at all.

At any rate, Deems Taylor, who many would call the "4th regular" on the show (as he was on often but not as much as the "regulars") had an answer few would expect on this show.  I'm going to post the full clip of the question and answers.  Taylor's response is farther at the end of the clip but it's very unexpected - especially for this show:

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  1. Good one, Jimbo. I never thought of marbles either. Have not played that since elementary school. I won't mention anything about strip whatever.

  2. I don't think I ever played marbles. I had some but lost them... ;)

    Deems Taylor wasn't particularly funny but he was certainly funnier than the average guest on the show who was almost always intimidated by the likes of Kieran and Adams and Levant; as I have mentioned before, all 3 were brilliant but also very funny.

  3. Maybe marbles were only popular in my era. We played it a lot on the elementary school playgrounds. Games could get heated at times. Marbles had different values which made it all the more interesting. We played with a small hole in the ground and tried to knock our opponets marble into the hole. The other way was having a circle drawn out in the dirt and you tried to knock the other guys marble out of the circle. Marbles and beany caps with all those Tom Mix buttons were in the same era.


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