Tuesday, January 4, 2011

March of old time for January 4

55 years ago...
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar 560104 300 The Caylin Matter Ep. 3
X Minus One 560104 The Roads Must Roll

60 years ago...
Father Knows Best 510104 Taking On City Hall
The Lineup 510104 The Case of Frankie and Joyce

65 years ago...
Duffy's Tavern 460104 Balancing the Books
Eddie Cantor 460104 Guest Ginny Simms
The Whistler 460104 Decision
The Adv. of Superman 460104 Looking For Kryptonite pt 24
Bill Stern 460104 Guests Abbott and Costello

75 years ago...
Jungle Jim 360104 Stalled On the Trail

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