Friday, September 2, 2011

Audio of Don Wilson's "Dreer Pooson" + Frank Nelson

Don Wilson's "Drear Pooson" (Drew Pearson) fluff was one one of the funniest fluffs in radio history - but it wasn't even the funniest moment on that particular Jack Benny show!

I posted this once already but without the soundclip:
From On the Air; An Encyclopedia of Old-Time Radio:
Immediately the writers summoned [Frank] Nelson to the booth and without Benny's knowledge or permission, changed his coming lines. Nelson was leery ("Nobody ad-libbed with Jack," he recalled years later) but agreed to do it if the writers would take responsibility. The scene arrived. "Oh mister! Mister!", Benny called. "Are you the doorman?" At his absolute surliest, Nelson snarled, "Well who do you think I am, Dreeeeeear Pooooooson?" Benny was instantly convulsed. "He began to laugh", Nelson recalled; "he slid down the mike to the floor, got up, staggered clear across the stage to the far wall, turned around into the curtains, pounded the floor some more. We're on live and laughter is going on through this whole thing." 

Here are both. ©Jimbo 2010/2011

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