Saturday, September 17, 2011

6 more Suspense episodes I really liked

The last time I wrote about my favorite Suspense episodes, I believe I made made mention it would be my last "favorites" posting.  I suppose I was wrong because here's another.

Suspense is such a large series that it's easier to find 100 episodes you find fascinating rather than just 10 as wittling it down to 10 is a hard job.

So, without further delay, a few more favorite episodes of mine:

After Dinner Story 10-26-43
A story that sounds like it could come from one of any detective shows in the late 1930's or early 1940's.  I tend to think it reminds me of The Shadow for more than one reason. 

The Paste Board Box 1-17-46
A story of twins (both played by Joseph Cotten) and a box that can't be gotten rid of.  Gruesome and fun!

Post Mortem 4-4-36 
In this case, winning the Irish Sweepstakes brings nothing but trouble.

On a Country Road 11-16-50
Even though I found this tale to be quite predictable, there's something spooky about a deserted country road and a mad killer on the loose.  I suggest listening to this late at night with the lights off!

The Holdout 6-28-55
Very much a precursor to Hollywood's 12 Angry Men, a lone holdout juror convinces all the others he is right.

Nobody Loves Me 8-30-45
Perhaps the best acting ever done by Peter Lorre on radio, he holds a police station at bay with a gun and his sad story.

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