Monday, September 19, 2011

John Dehner in dual roles

In our retrospective of old-time radio, we have the chance to looks at all performances with our "telescopes" (mp3) and listen to in the neighborhood of 40% of all major radio performances.

Sure, that's 60% not covered but of that 60%, most of it is stuff we probably wouldn't to hear anyway and probably 75% of it is music.

At any rate, there have been some fine performances along the way.  It is often pointed out on this website how great Orson Welles was and I like to think of Lurene Tuttle as being a female version of Welles.  And you know I like Agnes Moorehead but I probably like many others just as much.

I mentioned those 3 actors specifically because they are about fourth of the dozen or so actors and actresses I can recall playing star dual roles in OTR.

Well I heard another one not too long ago.  Sometime, check out Frontier Gentleman and episode "Belljoy's Prisoner" (580608) when versatile John Dehner plays J.B. Kindle, the Frontier Gentleman and a crazy fat guy from the backwoods.  It's pretty good stuff.  Two completely different roles and done so well, it's hard to imagine they are the same man.

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