Friday, September 9, 2011

Radio research scripts made for people like me!

Many years ago, I realized the power of Firefox and it's use of scripting. The scripts will allow you to do almost anything you can imagine on the internet. It's only limited to your imagination and skill in writing the scripts.

Unfortunately,  I can't write any scripts. However, the fine folks at can and do write them. And lo and behold, they take requests for scripts.

So I came up with a few ideas. There are things I would like my browser to do while I researching. There are things that would make my life a whole lot easier. I got to thinking about those things and I simply submitted my requests and ideas to the friendly people at Honestly, I never thought I'd hear from them. But to my amazement, I not only heard from them, they interacted with me and improved upon their "mistakes" to make the scripts better and to work the way I have need for them to work.

Have an idea? Pass it along to them.

Here's what they have done so far for me, simply because I asked them:

Google News - Last page of newspaper: This was a script I requested and the people at worked on it for me. Now we all profit.

What this script does: In Google Newspapers, when you select a date, the Google News section will automatically expand to it's full screen. The paper will open up at the back instead of the front (most radio sections are at the back of the paper.) There are options added that will allow you to view the next or previous paper. If you are researching anything at the back of these papers (including OTR, comics, TV, etc.) this script will save you a great deal of time.

Google News Archive, No Pay-Per-View Results: This cuts out almost all pay-per-view results in your archive search. Now you can view free content (or at least 90/100 will be free) saving you time you don't have to weed through those.

More on the way, keep checking back...

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