Sunday, September 4, 2011

The MS Windows tools of a radio researcher

Using the computer everyday to research radio, I thought I might 'show you around' my computer and show you some of the stuff I use to research radio.

Audio tool: WavePad Sound Editor

Using WavePad, I am able to manipulate sound at will.  It's not a hard program to use at all.  Without this, there would be no sound clips, no improved files from me.

Screen Grabber: MWSnap

I have used every screen grabber known to man and this one is still the one I keep coming back to.  With it, I am able to take snapshots of items I see on the internet - and in conjunction with Google News, I can go back in time and clip things out of the newspaper.

Graphics: Microsoft Paint

I realize this is the low end of the totem pole here but I don't have the patience to learn a graphics program.  There are plenty of good, free ones out there but I have "mastered" Microsoft Paint.  I know that's not saying much...  Still, once you learn the program, it's amazing what you can do with it.

Graphics: STOIK Smart Resizer

A brand new tool to me, this tool resizes graphics to almost any size you want, without distortion.  This should come in very handy when I have large articles (haven't come across one yet since I got the thing.)

File: Windows "sendto" folder

This is probably the item I cherish most on the computer.  I think most people bypass it or use it very seldom but let me tell you, it's tremendously valuable to have a place to put things and know where they are.

With all of my blogs, you can imagine the number of articles, graphics, etc. that I have.  Well let me tell you, my computer is completely  organized.  The "sendto" menu is why.

Completely organized!

Miscellaneous:  ClipMate Explorer

Another completely invaluable tool.  I can copy whatever I want and go back and select one or 1000 different clips.  It save all my graphics, too - and I can see what they are, just by touching it on ClipMate.

It also has a place to store stuff you want to paste but don't want to ever lose - this makes posting tedious things easy, especially since I have so many directories on the FTP server I use.

FTP: FileZilla

Most any would do the job.  FileZilla is what I use.  I really don't think there's much of a difference between all of them.

Notepad replacement: Notepad++

©Jimbo 2010/2011

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