Monday, March 21, 2011

An interview with Lurene Tuttle

I listened to an interview with Lurene Tuttle made in the early 1970's and it impressed me a lot, so here are some of the notes I took...

  • She said Cary Grant was one of the finest radio actors she ever worked with
  • She said Arch Oboler was her favorite director to work with because he simply told her to make the characters "Human"
  • She said "Comedy writers are the smartest people in the world."
  • She said the greatest ad-libber of all was Red Skelton.  He would often jump off the script but would always land back on the script where he was supposed to be.
  • She said Howard Duff (as detective Sam Spade) and herself (as Effie, his smart secretary) ad-libbed a great deal as well.   She played the Effie character 1950-51.
  • Early radio was great because many of the shows were about historical and inspirational characters.  She lamented the fact that post-1950's radio had gone away from this.
  • She said she once played 7 German women characters on one show.
  • She named her daughter after Joan Crawford, an actress she really respected.
  • She once played idental twins (one good, one evil) for an episode of The Whistler.
  • She was often introduced as "The first lady of radio."

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