Wednesday, March 23, 2011

An apology

Today's "strange photo of the day" is of *me* because somehow in Donald Pitchford's interview, every word that contained the letters "r-e-d" next to each other was changed to "b-l-u-e" - obviously not his doing but my doing.

I sincerely apologize to him as this was totally my fault but done by error.

Any embarrassment I caused him - well honestly, I can't think of the words I would like to say, except I messed up somewhere. And I do apologize.

Luckily, I consider him a friend and we have emailed almost daily about Lum and Abner (our favorite subject) but until this morning, I was somehow oblivious and unaware of a problem with the interview.

Thank you.

©Jimbo 2010/2011

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