Monday, March 28, 2011

Bob "Probably at an Army Camp Right Now" Hope


  1. When Bob was at the military sites he was at his best.

  2. I agree. I wonder why that was? Any theories?

    Top 5 Reasons Why Bob Hope was Funnier at Army Camps:

    5. His bug repellent was called, "Jerry Colonna"
    4. Lots and lots of Frances Langford
    3. Riding in a jeep a lot like laughing gas 2. Homemade hooch
    1. K rations filled with Pepsodent that tasted like Pepsodent

    Ok, so I don't get paid for top 5 lists...

  3. Your list is as good as any. Part of it is we loved to see him entertain our troops in all kinds of peril. Also watching our boys get giddy over the gals on his show. These things helped. But, really, he knew how to entertain. Great political jokes.


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